Planet Laws - Know Your Solar System

This is the website for 'Planet Laws - Know Your Solar System', an iPhone app that I have written. The app features the following sections:
  • Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion
  • Newton's Laws of Gravitation
  • Dazzling Planetary Photographs
  • Data on Each Planet
  • Descriptions and Mythology
  • Acknowledgements
It is available on the Apple App Store, at the following link: Planet Laws - Know Your Solar System

I have given a fairly detailed overview of each of the above sections on the iTunes link above. In addition, if you want to continue exploring the Solar System, you may like to check out some of the following links:

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Photo Journal : NASA's Image Access Home Page

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Views of the Solar System

The Solar Space Station : All About the Solar System

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

Georgia State University's Solar System Data Page

The Wikipedia

New World Encyclopedia

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Myth Encyclopedia

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